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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Spell-It_Right Challenge State Level at Kuantan Parade

5 students from BRASS were successfully selected for the final RHB SIR Challenge State Level at Kuantan Parade. The challenge started at 9.45 am. Unfortunately, our competitors lost in the first round. However, their commitment and hard work through out the competition are highly appreciated. Obviously they did not have enough confidence to face the crowd and make correct spellings. They should be trained the soft skills as well as the ability to spell correctly. Students should be exposed more to the public to gain confidence and let go off nervousness and other fear factors.
Thanks to:
  1.  Aerina Sofea - 5 Bestari
  2. Muhd Shahizzul Ismat - 5 Bestari 
  3. Syaimaa Aisyah - 4 Cendekia
  4. Nurul Jazzmin Syuhadah - 4 Cendekia
  5. Qistina - 2 Bestari
Wish our lucky day will be coming in the future, insya Allah...


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