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Thursday, 5 April 2012

AFS Is Back!

AFS is back! What does AFS stand for? Let's take a look...

AFS Intercultural Programs (formerly the American Field Service) is a worldwide, nonprofit organization that has been leading student exchange for more than 55 years. AFS was founded by volunteer ambulance drivers who survived World War I and II. They believed—as AFS believes today—that the way to build a more just and peaceful world begins when people from different countries and cultures meet, learn t o g e t h e r, and better understand one another. The drivers sought to promote international understanding and peace through student exchanges. In 1947, AFS exchanged 52 young people from 11 countries formerly at war.
To d a y, AFS exchanges more than 11,000 students each year among a partnership of more than 50 AFS Partner Countries. There are more than 300,000 individuals who have studied abroad with AFS. AFS Returnees live in more than 100 countries around the world. AFS is one of the largest volunteer- b a s e d organizations of its kind in the world with 100,000 volunteers worldwide and more than 8,000 in the U.S.
Each year, AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia sends more than 200 exchange students abroad for year, semester and short term programs (including programs that focus on language study and community service), and welcomes more than 100 exchange students from other countries to Malaysia.
While in Malaysia, students study in local high schools and live with host families to learn what it is like to live as a member of a family and community within our country.

AFS impact can be seen through the success of the former AFS participants. Many have achieved careers as diplomats, educators, business executives and involved members of their communities. AFS offers the world a greater hope for a lasting peace when an important segment of the leadership of the world shares the powerful bond of an AFS experience.

Two students from SMK Bukit Rangin were luckily selected so far. The first was Ahmad Razin bin Hj Ruzaini who went to Japan in 2009 and another is Ahmad Reza Alif who is still in the US until June 2012 (hopefully he's OK there!).

Today, once again the AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia came to promote their programme which is to commence in 2013. The application must be done this year and it will go through some process and interviews. Being able to speak English and having good social skills are the essentials if you are interested.

The AFS representative who spoke
during the assembly

The participants who shared their
experiences going abroad

In the end of the promotion, many students were interested to apply for the programme. It's not easy to get the chance as they have to compete with thousands applications out there. Well, every cloud has its silver lining. There might be a lucky one...who knows!

A short briefing before filling up the forms

 The crowds
Click this link to discover more about AFS and to download the application forms for year 2013.

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